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Trading Credits up to 70%

Trading credits are termless and interest-free, and can be used as Equity when effecting forex trading. The obligatory condition for getting a trading credit is an account replenishment with own funds. The amount of credit may be up to 70% of the deposit.

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50% Credit Bonus

M4Markets, hereinafter referred to as the Company invites traders to participate in its “50% Credit Bonus” ("hereinafter referred to as "the Promotion") subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.

The Promotion is available to all clients and IBs, excluding MAM/PAMM accounts provided that they are eligible to participate in the Promotion subject to the Company’s eligibility criteria as indicated in the Client Services Agreement and these terms.

For participating in the Promotion, the participants should have already completed the steps required for opening an account with the Company, the client’s due diligence and know your client procedures are completed and the account is activated.

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ACY Securities

Introducing the $1M dollar contest

1-year contest to discover great traders and fund managers.

Whether you are a trader wanting to prove yourself or a fund manager wanting to showcase your returns to attract new investors, join our $1M live trading competition to show the world what you can do.

We challenge you to put a sensible trading plan in place and stick to it, practice good risk management and do not allow your emotions to get in the way of achieving a great annualised return.​​

Our artificial intelligence (AI) Money Manager Ranking algorithm factors in all key areas of trading such as risk management, stability and profitability and ranks you accordingly. So, it is not just about how much profit you make, but how you make it.

Accept the challenge today. Even if you do not win, you are very likely to emerge as a better, more confident trader on the other side.

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Top up your account with any type of cryptocurrency and get an extra 5% with no special reason

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A matchless offer in honor of the 16th anniversary of FreshForex! Top up your account from $100 and get 300% of the amount.

You can turn bonus funds into profit!

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Drawdown bonus 202%

Fund your account with $202 or more and get a 202% drawdown bonus to break into the markets effectively!

More funds for trading, more chance to get a big profit!

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Deposit without commission

FreshForex has been successfully operating on Forex since 2004. Our company continues to grow, improve trading conditions and offer only profitable bonuses and promotions.

Now we cancel deposit commissions! Top up your account and trade with pleasure — let us worry about commissions!

15 years of stable work on Forex is the main argument in favor of FreshForex reliability.

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Fxview - 100% Deposit Bonus

100% Deposit Bonus

Double your deposits at no extra cost. With our 100% deposit bonus program, for every deposit you make, we will credit your trading account with an equivalent amount. Take advantage from a larger margin, allowing you to manage your risks more effectively.

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PU Prime

50% Deposit Bonus on your Deposits

Want to increase your account margin and boost your trading volume?

Fund your account today to claim a 50% deposit bonus from us!

  1. Eligible Participants: New Clients, or Existing Clients
  2. Registration Period: 3 August 2022 - 2 November 2022
  3. Promotional Period: 365 days, starting from the day the client successfully activates the promotion
  4. Result: Instant bonus credited

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20% Exclusive Cashback

We are giving out more cashback rewards to all our clients.

Eligible clients will be able to earn up to $10,000 cashback when you deposit and make the required number of transactions during the promotional period.

  1. Eligible Participants: New & existing "Standard Account" clients
  2. Registration Period: 1 Jul 2022 - 30 Sep 2022
  3. Result: Cash credited into your balance

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100% Trading Bonus

Activate for the 100% Trading Bonus promotion within client portal and receive a cashback of US$1.50 in your PU Prime account for every standard lot traded (calculated in increments of US$0.15/0.1 lot), up to a total of US$10,000.

  1. Eligible Participants: New Clients, or Existing Clients
  2. Registration Period: From 8 April 2022
  3. Promotional Period: 30 days, beginning from the day of activation
  4. Result: Instant next-day cashback

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XAUUSD with 0 Swap Fees

Take your capital further when trading XAUUSD with PU Prime! We are removing all swap fees for XAUUSD between 1 August 2022 – 31 October 2022. No minimum deposits or maximum trading amounts!

  1. Eligible Participants: New and existing clients
  2. XAUUSD Swap-free Period: 1 August 2022 – 31 October 2022
  3. Eligible Account Types: Standard and Islamic Standard Accounts for MT4/MT5
  4. How to Participate: Please contact your account manager directly or consult our customer service to participate.

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Double Your Savings

We are giving out more cashback rewards to all our clients. Eligible clients will be able to earn up to $10,000 cashback when you deposit and make the required number of transactions during the promotional period.

  1. Eligible Participants: New and existing customers
  2. Apply Period: 1 August 2022 - 1 September 2022
  3. Promotional Period: 1 August 2022 - 1 September 2022
  4. Result: Get up to US$2 cashback for every lot of cryptocurrency traded. (*Excluding individual cryptocurrency products, please refer to Terms & Conditions.)

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GTC - GTCFX’s 20% Trading Bonus

Gain a 20% Trading Bonus with the following benefits:

  1. Tradable, Loseble and withdrawable bonus
  2. Max. Leverage 1:1000
  3. Minimum deposit of $50
  4. Max. Bonus $500

Start trading with GTCFX and claim your withdrawable bonus, once the required amount of lots have been traded (Lot size Required = Bonus amount in USD / 2).

ICM - 10% Credit Bonus

  1. 10% credit bonus will be issued on each new deposit above 1,000 USD.
  2. The 10% credit bonus will be deposited into the client’s live account within 2 working days after the actual deposit of the client.
  3. 10% credit bonus is for trading purposes only until a set amount of lots has been traded; after which, the credit bonus can be turned into cash.
  4. For each new deposit above 1,000 USD that is made a new bonus can be received as long as the bonus amount does not exceed 1,000 USD bonus per account.
  5. The client may withdraw funds from their account but this may result in a credit bonus reduction by 10% of the withdrawal amount.
  6. In the event that client deposits more than 10,000 USD then the client will be able to maintain a 1,000 USD bonus as long as more than 10,000 USD is maintained in the account. Example: A client deposits 10,000 USD and receives 1,000 USD bonus, the client later deposits another 5,000 USD to the same account (the client does not receive anything as the maximum bonus they can receive in one account is 1,000 USD). The client then withdraws 5,000 USD; he keeps 1,000 USD bonus, as this correlates to the original 10,000 USD deposit.

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Tickmill - $30 Welcome Account

Experience one of the best trading environments in the industry risk-free with our $30 Welcome Account.

Jump-start an exciting trading journey with Tickmill and explore our world-class services with the $30 Welcome Account.

New clients have the opportunity to trade with free trading funds, without having to make a deposit. The Welcome Account is very easy to open and the profit earned is yours to keep.

RoboForex - Forex Trading Bonus up to 115%

FX bonus from RoboForex each time you deposit in to your trading account!

The forex bonus program is intended to increase the trading volume of the Customers’ accounts. If all requirements for the forex trading bonus program are met, the sum put to your account as a bonus can be withdrawn without any limitations of restrictions.

*The Bonus is available only for RoboForex Ltd, under IFSC Regulation.

Orbex - Orbex Offers New Trading Central MT4 Analysis Indicators

Helping to make trading easier, more intuitive and more accessible than ever, Orbex now offers the Trading Central MT4 Analysis Indictor on Orbex MT4. Available for clients with real accounts, the Trading Central MT4 Analysis Indicator is a plug-in that offers:

  • The latest information from an industry leader in investment analysis
  • Multilingual support on an easy-to-install and easy-to-use interface. Information can be viewed in English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Indonesian and 20 other languages')
  • Automatic support, commentary and analytic forecasts from Trading Central
  • Coordination with the following currency pairs: EUR/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY
  • 24/5 information and support for better investment decision-making
  • The ability to fill orders based on Trading Central levels

FXOpen - $10 Welcome Bonus

Get real money bonuses to your trading account and start Forex trading without an initial investment! For any account type there is always a bonus or a promotion you can benefit from!

FBS - 100% Deposit Bonus

Promotion Conditions:

1. 100% Bonus is automatically credited to customer's account upon a request in client’s Personal area. Thereby, bonus is given to the latest client's deposit. Bonus funds are reflected in "Credit" section in trading platform.

2. Bonus can be withdrawn from a trading account after the required lot volume has been traded. The required number of lots is calculated the following way: bonus size divided by 3.

Example: Your deposit: $ 900

100% Bonus: $ 900

900 / 3 = 300 lots

FXCL Markets - 100% Smart Bonus

  • The promotion is available between March 1, 2019 — August 31, 2019.
  • Each trader may receive up to $2,000. The bonus may be active on several accounts simultaneously.
  • The bonus may be added to the same account multiple times as soon as the previous one had been annulled or withdrawn.
  • In order to transfer a part of your bonus to the balance, complete at least half of required volume.
  • When transferring a part of your bonus to the balance, the remaining part of the credit will be annulled.
  • Rebates and bonuses general rules and conditions apply.


100% welcome bonus up to $2000

Double Trading Bonus up to $2,000!

Make your first deposit and Yadix will match it with a 100% trading bonus to give you double trading power up to $2,000 free! Deposit $2,000 and get $2,000 extra and trade with $4,000 for double profit potential!

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Free Signals subscription

Access thousands of trading signals

Open a trading account with Yadix and Access thousands of trading signals and benefit from daily pip gains with high success rates to improve your trading potential.

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Iphone 13 Pro gift

Convert your Trades to Iphone 13 Pro!

Open an online Forex trading account with Yadix and trade to get a high value welcome gift. Trade with any strategy to get your iPhone 13 Pro, Galaxy Z Flip3, MacBook Pro or PlayStation 5.

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30% Bonus Agreement

  1. Introduction.
    • ForexMart (hereinafter referred to as 'ForexMart' or the 'Company' or 'Us/We') is an investment firm that operates worldwide;
    • This 30% Bonus Agreement is binding between the Client and the Company;
    • The 30% Bonus Agreement governs the relationship between the Client and the Company with regards to this particular promotion. It supplies all the necessary information to the Client prior to any action done within the effectiveness of the promotion;
    • The Client (hereinafter referred to as 'You' or 'Client') hereby acknowledges that he/she read, understood, and accepts this 30% Bonus Agreement as amended from time to time at the sole discretion of the Company.
    • The bonus is available only for Cent and Classic accounts.

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Loyalty Program Smart Dollars - Extra cashback

  1. This Program is available only for Real accounts;
  2. The Program can be activated if all transactions (BUY and SELL) are completed. The total volume of these transactions must be not less than 2 lots. After fulfillment of volume requirement the Program becomes available for the Client;
  3. The assessment of Smart Dollars is automatic in accordance with the volume of Client’s trade;
  4. When the Client clicks the “Cash” button, the amount of Smart Dollars displayed on the screen will automatically be credited to the Client’s account. The sum inside the “Cash”-square becomes reset to $0. Calculation will start again.

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Trading for the Best

  • Every 500 of deposits shall receive a winning chance. The more deposits you make, the more winning chance you have;
  • The winner of our Top Prize – A Tesla Model 3 will be announced on 03.01.2022;
  • Weekly trading prizes will be announced every Friday. The prize money will be wired to your MT4 account next Monday, and the winners’ list will be announced on the same day;
  • Winners will be notified via e-mails. Please reach your account managers for further service.

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Surprising USG Bonus Offer

Up to 10% Loosable bonus percentage!

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Chance to Win Plane Tickets! Earn Cashback Reward with Deposit

Earn cashback with deposit: Once you meet the required deposit and lot amounts, you’ll have the opportunity to be rewarded with a cashback up to USD$6,000. Cashback rate is based on the deposit amount, and the required lots for cashback.

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MultiBank Group - Imperial Bonus

  • New clients can earn up to $5,000 on their first-time deposits!
  • The Imperial Bonus is losable and available to be used within 3 months of account opening
  • This bonus is applicable to initial first-time deposits and not to further additional deposits (top ups)
  • This bonus is withdrawable once the lots round-trip target is reached (please see below ‘Lots RT Target’ table)
  • This bonus is non-rebate generating
  • This bonus is available across all trading platforms and trading companies of MultiBank Group
  • This bonus shall be automatically deducted in case withdrawals are made before the lots round-trip target is reached

Vantage Markets

50% Credit Bonus

  1. Starts with 50$ deposit;
  2. Supports Draw down;
  3. Bonus is not withdrawable;
  4. Maximum amount of bonus is 10,000 USD.

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15% Deposit Bonus

  1. Eligibility:
  • Anyone who has successfully opened a new live trading account with Vantage FX during the Account Opening Period;
  • Meet the deposit requirement during the Deposit Period;
  • Satisfy the trading requirement during the Trading Period.
  • If eligible Clients meets the trading volume requirements within 6 months (under the same trading account started from the account activation date), the trading credit amounts credited to the account under this promotion will be converted to cash;
  • Clients eligible for the cash bonus must submit application in writing to to apply for it. Requests will be processed within 1-2 business days;
  • Eligible Clients allowed to have maximum 5 accounts under the same name of an existing client is eligible for this promotion;
  • Cash bonuses are based on volume traded on Forex, Gold, Oil and Silver products and rebates earned are applied when a trade is closed.

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  1. Trading View Pro: Deposit with a minimum of $500 and trade 5 or more FX lots per calendar month;
  2. Trading View Pro+: Deposit with a minimum of $1,000 and trade 5 or more FX lots per calendar month;
  3. Trading View Premium: Deposit with a minimum of $2,000 and trade 5 or more FX lots per calendar month.

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Swap Free accounts

  1. Unlimited Swap free account:
  • No swap and admin fee: Forex, gold, silver and oil;
  • Admin fee charges on: Indices, commodities, crypto and share CFDs;
  • Resident eligible to apply: UAE, Saudi, Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Kuwait, India (Minimum deposit for Indian clients is 2,000 USD);
  • We can discuss adding Oman, Qatar and Bahrain as well;
  • Currency: AUD, GBP, CAD, NZD, HKD, SGD, JPY.
  1. 7 days Swap free account: Available for any client and country!
  • Eligible Clients, who meet the criteria set forth herein are able to benefit from zero swaps (long or short) charges when trading the following products which are;
  • Forex pairs (available on the VANTAGE FX trading platform), Gold and Silver, for the first 7 days of trading;
  • Standard swap charges will resume from the 8th day onwards;
  • For example, each FX, Gold and Silver transaction or position placed on the VANTAGE FX trading platform during this campaign will have a 7-day period where swaps are waived;
  • If clients continue to hold those positions longer than 7 days, normal swaps apply from the Eighth day onwards subject to the above clause, will have a 7 day period where swaps charges or credits will waived;
  • Client will be charged Swap as normal. However, VANTAGE FX will calculate accumulative amount of swap charges of the month and return this total amount to client’s account by the 5th of the following month. However, If you are holding the position that can gain swap charges, we will deduct these swap charges from your account within 5th of the following month as well;
  • This promotion is valid from 1st March 2019 - 28th of February 2022;
  • Swap charge will be calculated at the end of the month and return to client account on 5th of next month;
  • If your trading Account is closed or suspended, VANTAGE FX may cancel the reversal of swap charges.

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Infinox Capital - 20% Deposit Bonus for Non European Clients

  1. The opening of an account is subject to status.
  2. This offer is limited to one cash bonus per person. Once you have received the cash bonus you will not be able to make further claims in respect of this offer.
  3. In order to qualify for the bonus you must open a Infinox MT4 account, and make a qualifying first time deposit in the base currency (GBP, EUR or USD) of your account.
  4. Offer is not available for clients based in Europe.


10% Trading Bonus

  1. The eligible Participants of this Program are the clients who:
    1. a. have a MT4 account (‘Participating Account’) with TMGM; and
    2. b.  are complying with all compliance and account opening requirements of TMGM.
  2. To be entitled to the Credit, the Participant’s Net Deposit of the Participating Account made after the commencement of this Program must be no less than $500 of account currency.
  3. Net Deposit = Total deposit before the first trade – Total withdrawal before the Credit grant
  4. The first deposit made for this Program must be no less than $500 of account currency. Any funds transferred from other accounts to the Participating Account (‘Internal Transfer’) will not be calculated as deposits in this Program.

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When you make your first time deposit into your Phoenix Bonus Account, you will receive an amount of funds 'pending' on your account.

These funds reflect a known percentage of your FTD and in the event that you lose all your trading capital, the Phoenix Bonus will be placed into your trading account on the next deposit (however small) thereby helping you rise again


Deposit Bonus for each account type!

Entry Account - Bonus up to 30%, Standard Account - Bonus up to 50%, Premium Account - Bonus up to 50%, VIP Account - Bonus up to 100%.

Please contact Axiance via email at and request to more details about it.

Please add FxRebate in CC with to follow up the request.


Start date: 00:00 GMT March 30, 2020

Finish date: 23:59 GMT April 30, 2020

Trial of VIP Black worth $49.95

Sign up for a one-month free trial of our top subscription package and get:

  • 0 commission trading
  • Raw spreads
  • Money back on losing trades
  • Platinum support
  • Save $49.95 instantly

CWG Markets - CWG Markets $50 HI Account

Step One: Open “Instant Account (MT4)” and redeem the bonus
1. Register “Client Zone” and apply to open “Instant Account” (MT4);
2. Login to “Client Zone – Promotion” and click “Apply” to participate HI Account;

Step Two: Start your trading
1. No deposit required and you may trade immediately by using the bonus fund;

Step Three: End the HI Account and withdraw your profit
1. After completed two standard lots (only Forex and Precious Metal trading lots will be counted) trades, you may access “Promotion – Account Operation” and click “Complete” to submit to end the HI Account. The deposit channel will open after verification;
2. HI Account's profit will transform into balance after activation of account, you may trade or withdraw the profit anytime.

Errante - Up to 50% Deposit Trading Bonus!

  • Eligible Clients, who meet the criteria set forth herein are able to receive trading bonuses up to 30%/40% / 50% or such other maximum percentage as may be applicable from time to time, of the amount of their first time deposits that are made in their real trading account(s) with the Company, provided that the maximum amount of any such trading bonus awarded to any particular Eligible Client will be limited to a maximum amount of USD 2.000 (Two Thousand United States Dollars) or currency equivalent, as Deposit Trading Bonus (hereinafter the “DT Bonus”);
  • In order to activate and credit the Account with the DT Bonus, all Eligible Clients need to have their profile verified by Errante;
  • The Company reserves the right to also verify the phone number of the Client before crediting the DT Bonus;
  • This Bonus Scheme applies only to new clients of the Company;
  • All Eligible Clients are permitted to hold only one (1) DT Bonus Account per one (1) unique IP address. Multiple registrations from the same IP, even if such registrations belong to different persons, are not permitted nor multiple DT Bonus Accounts registered with the same personal details;
  • Profits from trading on DT Bonus Accounts may be withdrawn anytime, with no limitations;
  • The DT Bonus applied to the real Accounts of Eligible Clients in accordance with the rules set forth herein cannot be transferred between live trading accounts of the Company; 
  • Errante Securities (Seychelles) Ltd Securities Dealer Licensed by the FSA, License number SD038;
  • Any profits generated from the utilization of the DT Bonus are available for withdrawal as per the Company’s withdrawal procedure;
  • The DT Bonus cannot be withdrawn;
  • No partner’s commissions are paid for trading on the DT Bonus.