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1.1. This agreement establishes the Terms of Service applicable to the use of this website exclusively for clients, in the meaning of natural persons or legal entities using our services and products without assigning this to their commercial or professional activity.

1.2. The website provides the users an interactive internet service, consisting in information services, content and advertising from SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL for the partners and companies that offer commissions/ rebates and discounts for their products or services.

1.3. The user is aware that although the internet is often a safe environment, there could be disruptions and problems of the internet services outside the control of SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL, and it cannot be held responsible for any loss of data during the transmission of the information on the internet. Although the objective of SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL is to have the website available 24/7, from time to time for any reason the website could be unavailable, including – without limitation – for maintenance and technical reviews. SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL gives its best effort but does not guarantee the servers where is hosted or the e-mails sent from or contain viruses of possible malicious information. The user utilizes the website at own risk, SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL being free from liability for any direct or indirect damages caused by using or accessing/ visiting the site or following the using of the information from the website. The published information are according to reality at the moment of their writing on the website or when updating various pages in the website. SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL shall not assume any liability for the quality of the products and services posted on or

1.4. Hereby, you declare that you are at least 18 years old or legal age to use this website. By continuing accessing and using the website, you accept without limitations and qualifications these conditions and you take note that any agreements between you and SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL are replaced by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


2.1. This is an official website of SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL. The full rights to use the brand FxRebate belong to SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL. The use of this trademark, its domain or the name in any direct or concealed form (for example, but without limitation, to meta tags or other indexing techniques or web search) without the prior written permission of SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL is prohibited and punishable by law. SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL holds full and complete title over the files, pictures and the published materials on the website, as well as all the copyrights deriving from these, with the exception of those ones who belong to the partners and they have the fully rights to change or adjust them. You do not have the right to sell, redistribute or reproduce these materials, nor to decompile or modify their structure. 

2.2. Nevertheless, by publishing materials and texts on the website or, the users give the right to use, modify, reproduce, distribute or broadcast the content that they sent, exclusive on the website or and on the associated promotional platforms.


3.1. By the using of the website you are responsible for the privacy of your access data for your account (username and password) and you agree to assume your full responsibility over the activities and actions performed on the website with your account and password. If the confidentiality of these data has been compromise, you will immediately notify SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL in order to block the access to your account and to generate a new account as soon as possible. The performance of unauthorized operations such as abusive usage, fraudulent use, unauthorized access, the modifying and copying of information in order to sell them, blocking the access over this website and so on, are punishable by law.


4.1. As a user, you understand and agree with the following responsibilities:

  • to provide real, accurate and complete data about yourself;
  • to maintain and update, if the case, the registration data so that they are real, accurate and complete.

4.2. As a user, you assume the obligation not to do the following:

  • to publish material that contains viruses or other programs intended to destroy this system or any information that is part of the system;
  • to publish copyrighted material if you are not the author or if you do not have permission to publish that material;
  • to publish obscene, defamatory, threatening or malicious material to another user, natural person or legal entity, materials or information prohibited by laws in force;
  • to publish a picture or a statement contrary to legal norms.

4.3. If the data provided by users is proved not to be real, to be inaccurate or incomplete, SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL, through its employee, may suspend or terminate that user’s account permanently, any subsequent attempt to register with or will not be permitted.

4.4. The information provided by this site are used solely for the purpose for which they were posted (receiving commissions from partners according with the agreements, and offer rebates to the clients for the services and products they aquire from partners, taking notice related with certain promotions strictly related to the interest of the customer, as well as the purchase of products on the website) under applicable law. SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL shall not provide your details to third parties, does not encourage spam activities and will not disclose data from its customers without their explicit consent.

4.5. Users can post comments, notes, suggestions, ideas or make observations on the content and structure of the site, they may raise questions as long as the content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, affecting privacy and intellectual property rights of SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL or other third parties and that contain no viruses, run political / electoral campaigns, commercial applications, chain letters, mass mailings or any form of spam. You cannot use a false e-mail or impersonate another person or entity. SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL reserves the right, but not the obligation, to remove or edit such transmitted information.

4.6. Any user can delete his/her e-mail and any personal data from the database provided to or by closing the account created on the website.

4.7. SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL reserves the right to select its customers.

4.8. SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of sites that can be accessed through the links posted on the website For such websites, the full responsibility bears on the respective website owners. 

4.9. SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL will pay the affiliate commission on it`s own discration in case, the affiliate clients negotiate private deals directly with the company. 

4.10. It is prohibited to register, receive any type of payment and use any services offered by SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL through the web platform, both for citizens and residents of the following countries: Romania or any other countries that are under legislative restrictions regarding the services offered by SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL. Any registration attempt that violates these restrictions will be immediately restricted by the administrators of the platform without allowing customers to access SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL services.


5.1. From website, the customers can benefit from rebates and discounts on services and products the partners offer. The partners owing the services or products listed on the site are only listed partners, or itself is not due to the specified services or products. FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL is not responsible for any problems or damages of products / services purchased from third parties. All responsibility for these failures and their repair is the responsibility of traders or partners or their authorized service. The maximum damage that can be paid by SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL to any customer for failure to deliver or inappropriate delivery is the amount already received from the partner, the amount to be repaid in full at the expense of SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL.  

5.2. By purchasing a product or service from or websites constitutes your agreement to the terms of service hereby.

5.3. In order to be eligible for any commissions/ rebates or discounts, you need to create an account, so that we can provide easy access to the proof of your purchased products and services, so that we are able to monitor your past purchases, to modify your preferences and to ensure efficient use of services and products.

5.4. All sales made on are final, and all commissions/ rebates or discounts made through are subject to the terms of service mantioned hereby.


6.1. The Client has the right to notify in writen SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL or its suppliers that he/ she wishes to terminate their services, without penalties and no reason asked, at any time.

6.2. Any such request/ notification shall be dated, signed and sent by the person registered in the database by e-mail to or


7.1. SC FINANCIAL TRADING ART SRL, as the author/ owner/ administrator of the website and, at any time and without prior notification, can modify these Terms of Service by updating them. You are bound to observe any such modifications and so you must regularly visit this page of our website to get acquainted with the updated notifications.