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Advantages vs Disadvantages of Cashback Services

If you are really concerned about your profit on the financial markets, you should definitely use one of the major companies in the industry. Rebates are extremely effective way to boost your profit, because you can get real cashback on every operation you make. If used right, cashback could boost your annual profit by 50% depending on the frequency of your operations.

Advantages of Rebate Services

Disadvantages of Rebate Services

Of course, if you follow all the basic rules and don’t let cashback really affect your strategies, rebates are a highly recommended cost saving method for you. Here are some advantages of using the rebates:

However, cashback could affect your consumer behaviour in a negative way which you have to be aware before starting to use the rebates. Here are some common pitfalls worth paying attention to:

1. You are rewarded every time you make an operation. No matter the operation type, you get rebates. If you are an active client, which is common among our clients, you possibly make numerous operations a day. As you pay commission to your partner, rebates are also credited to your FxRebate account daily/ weekly or monthly, according with the agreement. 1. Don’t let the rebates make you complacent. Even if you are making money on your operations, you need to pay attention to your profit and do not taking into account the cashback. There are some exceptions where some clients (for example scalpers with a high volumes per day) could make a major part of all the profit from cashback, but generally it’s not the case. Don’t rely on cashback only, you need to concentrate on your strategy first.
2. Cashback helps you to be more profitable. Even if you are on a bad run, losing lots of money, rebates will help you get some of your money back, acting as savings. According to our calculations, an average client could trade 50% more profitable annually, with rebates (depending on the frequency of his operations). 2. Don’t be reckless. Since you’re getting rebates on your operations, you might go faster than you should, you might take risks that you wouldn’t take. Take your time and always consider the risk / reward ratio without cashback.
3. Although cashback is generally for new accounts you can still get for existing account with several partners. So, if you have already signed up with a partner, you might get cashback for existing account, or you can create a new account at the same, or some other partners. 3. Although you receive cashback you always need to develop yourself as a investor. Always follow the latest trends and investment techniques. Don’t forget that learning in financial markets is a never ending road, on which you always need to evolve
4. You might get some great promotions with signing up with a partner. This can boost your rebates a lot. Plus, there is a affiliate program which you should consider if you would like to earn more commissions. 4. Pay attention to good money management. Investment is all about handling money in a good way. To make it impossible to lose all your money on a bad series of investments you need to be very conscious about money management.
5. Apart from getting rebates, is free, the more you do operations, the higher your rebates can get negotiated in a private deal.  5. Last but not least, do not do operations only because of cashback. Always consider the right time to go into market and to get out and do not let rebates be a factor in your decision.

To sum up, the rebates are for everybody and they are a must for a serious client. It is free and secure without any risks. If you got interested in rebate services you are in a good place. Open an account and start getting probably the highest rebates on the market.