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Payment Information

For some brokers we can, but for other brokers we can not. For this pecific question you can contact us at and we will provide you all the information.
We add the rebates monthly for the most of the brokers but for some brokers we add them weekly and even daily. You can see more details on the brokers page in our website or you can write us at for details.
We add rebates daily, weekly, or monthly in your FxRebate account so to get your rebates from your "Account Balance (unpaid earnings)" you need to send us a withdrawal request. Login into your FxRebate account then access the menu "Payment methods" then press the button "Withdrawal Request". Fill the form with all the requested details and click "Submit request". Financial department will process your withdrawal request within 2 working days.
Go to "Payment Methods" menu in your FxRebate client account, select your desired payment method/(s) and complete with all the requested information.
Currently we offer: Wire Transfer, Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, Fasapay, Wise, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. We are continuesly working to provide more payment methods in order to satisfy all our clients need. If you want a specific payment method, please contact us at
Nothing. Our services are FREE. You earn money just for trading, as you did before. Without any obligation for you. You should be aware though as all the brokers stipulate their own minimum account opening sizes and just like as if you opened directly with them, you will still need to meet these requirements.