4.6 out of 5
Over 30 years of operational history
Multiple Trading Platforms
Segregated accounts

HYCM - General Information

Rebate Rates

*The Rebates are calculated for one round turn lot (100,000 units) for Currencies, (100 oz) for Gold, (5,000 oz) for Silver, (1,000 bar) for Oil, (100 shares) for Equity CFDs, (one contract) for Equity Index CFDs and (one unit) for Cryptocurrencies.

**FxRebate will not provide rebate services for existing clients.

***HYCM doesn`t accept clients from: Afghanistan, Bahamas, Belgium, Botswana, Cambodia, Canada, Cyprus, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, Iceland, Iraq, Japan, Lao PDR, Mongolia, North Korea, Panama, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, USA, Vanuatu, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

****For other trading instruments rebate information please contact us at office@fxrebate.eu.

HYCM Overview

HYCM is headquartered in London and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. The Group has over 30 years of operational history and we are the trading platform of choice for investors seeking fast and direct access to the world's capital markets.

This long-standing expertise and commitment to technology and customer service, has enabled us to develop multiple trading platforms to meet our clients' needs. Trade via the industry leading MT4 platform, via the newest MT5 platform or our mobile platforms for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Our complete trading experience is supported by our professional dedicated customer service team who caters to your individual needs and experience levels.

HYCM Details
Company Name Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Limited, HYCM (Europe) Ltd, HYCM Ltd, Henyep Capital Markets (DIFC) Limited
Country United Kingdom
Year Open 2007
Headquarters United Kingdom
Offices Cyprus, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates
Employees 200+
License FCA UK 186171, CySEC 259/14, CIMA 1442313, DFSA F000048
Regulatory Authorities FCA UK, CySEC, CIMA KY, DFSA
USA Clients No
Japanese Clients No
European Clients No
Canadian Clients No

Regulatory Authority
Agency Financial Conduct Authority UK
Short Name FCA UK
Country United Kingdom
Min Capitalization GBP 730,000
Government Enforced Segregated Accounts Yes

FCA regulates the financial services industry in the UK.

FCA aims to make sure that financial markets work well so that consumers get a fair deal. This means ensuring that, the financial industry is run with integrity, firms provide consumers with appropriate products and services, and consumers can trust that firms have their best interests at heart.

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Agency Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
Short Name CySEC MiFID-STP
Country Cyprus
Min Capitalization 125,000 EUR
Government Enforced Segregated Accounts Yes

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is the independent public supervisory Authority responsible for the supervision of the investment services market and transactions in transferable securities carried out in the Republic of Cyprus.

CySEC is to exercise effective supervision to ensure investor protection and the appropriate development of the securities market.

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Agency Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Short Name CIMA
Country Cayman Islands
Min Capitalization N/A
Government Enforced Segregated Accounts No

To protect and enhance the reputation of the Cayman Islands as an International Financial Centre by fully utilising a team of highly skilled professionals and current technology, to carry out appropriate, effective and efficient supervision and regulation in accordance with relevant international standards and by maintaining a stable currency, including the prudent management of the currency reserve.

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Account Options

Account Types Fixed, Classic, Raw
Min Deposit 100 USD
Max Leverage 30:1 for clients under CySEC and FCA UK jurisdiction, 500:1 for clients under SVG jurisdiction, and 500:1 for clients under UAE jurisdiction
Min Trade Size 0.01 Lots
Max Trade Size No limit
Spreads HYCM Spreads
Spread Types Fixed Spread, Variable Spread
FX Pricing Decimals 5
Commission USD 3.20 / round turn lot for HY Raw accounts
Rollover (Swaps) HYCM Rollover (swaps)
VPS (Virtual Private Server) No

Trading Options
Execution Options MM, STP / NDD
Instruments Forex, Metals, Commodity CFDs, Equity CFDs, Equity Index CFDs, Cryptocurrencies
OCO Orders Yes
Trailing Stops Yes
One Click Trading Yes
Scalping Allowed No
Hedging Allowed Yes
News Trading Allowed Yes
Expert Advisors Allowed Yes
Islamic Accounts Yes
Copy Trading No

Platforms Supported

Trading Platforms MT4, MT5, Mobile
Mobile Support MT4/MT5 Android, MT4/MT5 iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Trading API No
Managed Accounts Featured No
MAMM/PAMM Platform Option No
MAMM/PAMM Leaderboard No
Trading Platform Time GMT
Observe DST Change Yes
DST Change Timezone Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Non-expiring Demo Yes

Funding Information

Deposit Methods Bank Wire, Credit/ Debit Card, Skrill, Neteller
Withdrawal Methods Bank Wire, Credit/ Debit Card, Skrill, Neteller
Broker to Broker Transfer No
Account Currency USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, AED
Client Funds Bank Barclays Bank, HSBC, China Construction Bank
Interest Bearing Accounts No
Government Enforced Segregated Accounts Yes

Nuno Matias

2022-06-08 10:16:28

1) the very first thing which I'd note - the presence of a strong educational center with tons of possibilities how to build up a strategy concerning education. wanna watch webinars? welcome. wanna read the articles and attend workshops? why not?
2) another details is closely connected with the accounts and spreads exceptionally. fixed account is the best for intraday traders and those ones who don't care about spreads at all. I know there are such traders... Raw and classic are for those who know when to trade in order to save up money on spreads.
3) thirdly... dunno know for real what to state, but I'd also note a work of customer support. guys are awesome and super polite, hope such approach wasn't only for me.


2022-07-06 10:12:43

I've been thinking for a long time about how to describe my trading experience with HYCM. I couldn't decide what I like the most :D
All services are at high level!
I will write about MT4 trading platform. In my opinion, it is very convenient and functional platform. I can apply any trading ideas.

Vicente Abreu

2022-07-20 16:38:54

three types of accounts, but you can't trade with expert advisors on fixed one. but, some traders don't admit EAs.

Caspar Bauer

2022-08-03 12:26:00

Hycm is a very well-known forex broker with decades of history in the industry. Combine this with strong regulations and you will get one of the most reliable brokers on the market right now.
If you work in the financial area, the first thing you should pay attention to is the credibility of the company imo.

Luigi Martini

2022-08-21 17:11:21

classic account is my fav one.
yeah, there is something to strive, I mean raw account, but these days I trade on classic and know no better.


2022-09-07 13:58:36

Traders that like safety & reliability really like that HYCM is a great broker, regulated by FCA UK.

Sergio Campos

2022-09-27 15:34:33

The broker generally met my expectations, although it’s hard to imagine the opposite given its experience of working in the industry and a license.


2022-10-11 12:40:47

HYCM has much experience in the business for years professionally, and they know how to treat client

Nicolas M.

2022-10-21 15:23:54

I try to stick with proven brokers who have a long history of working on the market. It’s one of such brokers. I don’t exactly remember how long it works but it’s pretty experienced. You may check it out.

ondrej dolezal

2022-10-23 09:26:58

Checked out some HYCM reviews. Let me list some of the advantages that highlight services provided by this company in a positive way:

1. First of all - presence of several account types that don't require lots of money. You know, sometimes brokers create one account (the worst one) with a small min. deposit, while those ones that are better with huge sums (like VIP account with 100k$ min. deposit, unbelievable). This one offers three account where min. depo varies from 100$ to 200$. Acceptable.
2. Secondly - strong educational center. Here are webinars, workshops, seminars, video courses and actually everything an ordinary trader required for a consistent, successful learning activity.
3. Thirdly - expert advisors. Yeah, it's one of the few brokers that allows trading using expert advisors that might come in handy.

Mauro Cener

2022-10-30 11:09:03

I appreciate Hycm's approach to payments. Not only does the broker cover all the fees that go with deposits/withdrawals; it also provides all the required payment methods.

As for the payment processing, I can state that the descriptions that are on the website are pretty accurate. But of course there could be delays when the third parties like banks are involved. Hence why you should use crypto networks.


2022-11-25 23:21:11

HYCM is like an OG in the brokerage. Years of experience are felt in every service broker offers. From the variety of tradable assets to the educational resources and live events. This is what you call experienced one.


2022-12-09 23:06:42

Hycm cost/efficacy ratio is astonishing. For a couple of hundred bucks you get the access to the vast number of assets under the umbrella of the most credible forex broker.
I put my trust in the broker some time ago and don’t regret a second of this decision.
You can make a free demo to verify my words are true.


2022-12-17 18:33:17

I can assess the quality of services of this broker as normal.
That is, for all the time I have been trading with HYCM, I have not experienced any difficulties. All services I used worked without any problems.
I cannot say that these services are the best in the industry because I did not get any unique features. But they serve their purpose.

Overall this broker suits me and I will continue to trade on its platform.

Wubshet Kohler

2022-12-26 16:53:02

My friend’s advice was very good. The broker is really the embodiment of what I usually expect from many brokers.


2023-01-08 17:35:13

Amazing withdrawal conditions for all payments.


2023-01-15 20:27:30

It's nice that this broker stays true to the classic trading tools. I'm talking about the MetaTrader trading platforms.


2023-01-20 22:39:09

I like HYCM. The broker is a reliable one and has been here for long time. That means much in my opinion and that is why I decide to open an account here.
One more benefit - educational sector, would be good for experienced ones and beginners also.

Filipp Bauer

2023-01-30 14:58:59

I can't really say it has all been rosy here. First things first, the broker is extremely easy to trust. There is hardly any reason to mistrust the broker. There is also a comprehensive knowledge base, webinars and seminars, and even EAs. But I have to say I expected a lot more from the broker after such long in the market. I thought I would be mind blown but it was kind of anti-climactic. However, still a solid broker.

Oliver Antal

2023-01-31 14:53:42

Top notch trading platform with a good understanding of their clients and what they need with their processes. Much like my cup of tea. Good to be here.


2023-02-08 11:02:50

Nice broker with competitive trading conditions!

Karl Wallin

2023-02-12 10:53:55

I really like the RAW account of the broker. The spreads there are so competitive and I need such spreads to be able to trade more efficiently.
However I’m still trading with Classic just because of the commissions per deal. If only they would be a bit lower so that my strategy would fit perfectly.

Klaus Ansgar

2023-02-23 13:00:56

HYCM has been in industry for so long, I trust such companies because only a professionals can do so.

Ernest C.

2023-03-06 14:21:09

I consider the hycm broker one of the most reliable companies operating in the industry. So, it’s no wonder I chose exactly this broker. I was also attracted by the fact that there’s an account with fixed spreads.
In addition to this, the broker offers an attractive affiliate platform. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m gonna do this in the nearer future. As for the technical side, I got no complaints about the broker’s execution. Moreover, I don’t have problems with withdrawing my funds.
The strongest sides:
- Regulation
- Very good trading conditions
- An attractive affiliate program

Pier Westra

2023-05-22 14:20:35

I know that I can trust this broker with all my heart. It has been proven by my experience and experience of millions of traders though all the years it has been in the business.

Enrico Bianco

2023-05-26 18:15:49

Hycm infrastructure is impressive. I mean, its trading platforms, account types, HYCM Lab, algo trading opportunities and other stuff are certainly useful. It does levy no commission for funds depositing, and money's enlisting is swift. Moreover, it doesn't charge any fees for withdrawing as well!
Indeed, you may be charged by your bank, but it's not so crucial, I am sure fees are low.

Arne Magnusson

2023-06-16 13:59:04

Recent add-on that allows traders to requalifiy into investors, or even combine these two types of trading seems to be a good improvement. I bet it affects brand awareness increase, as the company kills two bird with ones stone. Look:
There is a group of traders who adore short-term activity striving to earn quick money. They are already here.
On the contrary, now another group of enthusiasts, who prefer buying equities and holding them until the price breaks the required level, join first group!
I beg HYCM team to teach me basics of marketing and brand promotion! ????


2023-06-28 10:56:22

I've been considering whether to first commend their reputation, trading conditions, platform, or something else.
It's hard for me to pick just one thing since everything they do is top-notch!

Jens Lundgren

2023-07-28 12:50:43

Very respectable broker. Hycm proved me wrong as hell when I said to one of my friends that it is not gonna work out with them. After a couple of weeks I came and said that I opened an account there!

Felix Fredriksson

2023-07-30 00:16:14

I am sad that I did not manage to find HYCM when I was a newbie in trading. Because of the wrong decision I had some uncomfortable situations. So that is the most important decision for any trader and actually it is the hardest one over there. Now you can see dozens of trading platforms and brokers that offer a lot of stuff for traders. On the other hand, you can not simply choose the broker with the lowest fees or the ones who offer the biggest number of instruments. But I can ensure you that HYCM is the combination of all the best that exists in the market.

John Murugan

2023-07-31 20:38:34

It won't be far from the truth if I claim that this broker is probably the oldest one on the forex market.
It’s crucial in and of itself because the more rich the history of the company the more it has to offer to its clients.
It accounts to the credibility and trustworthiness of the broker for the most part. And those are the essential aspects for any type of trader regardless of the experience.
I reckon we all value the safety of the broker the most. If not, then you have to reconsider your priorities mate.

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