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About us

Who are we?

FxRebate is an independent review and rebate provider who offers to his customers access to probably the best rebates in the market. Because we serve many customers we are able to negotiate rebates for our clients on all our partners products and services. Then, we pass these commissions to our customers in the form of cash rebates paid to them daily, weekly, monthly, based on each partner requirements.

The more you user our partners products and services, the more savings will be higher, and that is why every trade matters!

Who are you?

You are an individual, a company or a referrer who wishes to earn money that are rightfully yours, out of every trade you or your clients make. Simply by registering with us and to FxRebate partners, and use the services as before, you can generate and receive rebates for all the products and services you purchase.

What else do we give you?

When you sign up through FxRebate you also receive:

  • Analysis and market reports;
  • Software solutions and tools;
  • Possibility to join to our exclusive Trading Academy;
  • Advertising services from the best best global partners.

How can you make more money?

As well as obtaining rebates for your own operations, we provide you with commissions for all the products and services aquire by any client referred by you. Find out more in our affiliate program!

How do I get started?

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Register with us here for free!
  2. Either set up a new account or provide us with your existing account details - by using your FxRebate client account.
  3. Use our partners products and services and earn rebates!

Some of our advantages

  • Add some rebates instantaneous, daily or weekly in your FxRebate account;
  • Fast process of your withdrawal requests;
  • Providing educational materials from financial, trading and investing industry;
  • Probably the highest rebate rates on the market;
  • Professional affiliate program.