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FxRebate Deal Types

At FxRebate we work with a lot of different partners and other financial service providers from all over the world. Of course, not all affiliate deals are the same. Currently, we have 3 different main types of cashback: Operations volume, CPA, Combined deals (Operations volume and CPA), and an additional one called FxRebate Bonus. In this article we’ll describe all deal types with examples.

Operations volume based cashback

Basically in this type, you’ll receive cashback based on your operations volume. Based on this, you’ll generate commission to your provider. Because you’re under the FxRebate affiliate network, we’ll receive a portion of this commission and share the majority of it with you. That’s how you earn (save) money consistently, when you pay commissions to your provider.

Example: You made a volume of 30 lots with your partner. You paid 300 USD in spreads and commissions for these operations. FxRebate receives 100 USD as commission, corespondent with your operations you had with the partner. Based on your rebate rate agreement you’ll receive between 70 USD - 90 USD as cashback to your FxRebate account.

CPA cashback

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition, which means that your provider will pay us a one time payment for referring you to aquire their services or products. It’s not a constant cashback like the operations volume based one. You can only get these deal once for an account and they’re usually for only new clients.

Example: You register to a partner via our affiliate link and fulfill all the requirements for the CPA deal that the partner impose (such as depositing at least 500 USD, operations of at least 5 lots, etc.). Then your partner verifies your CPA deal with us and FxRebate is paid 400 USD. We share the majority of this amount with you (for example 300 USD), that’s how you make cashback with only a registration!

Combined deals

There are several cases when the deals can be combined. Of course, when this is the case, it is always shown on the partner`s page in the „Deal type” section. Usually, partners like to combine CPA and operations volume deals.

Example: At a partner we have a deal that the partner will pay FxRebate 3% of the operations volume or 50% of their revenue. For example, you trade more then 5 times your purchase (1,000 USD) and made 150 USD in cashback. You will receive 200 USD as CPA and also 100 USD as operations volume cashback.

FxRebate bonus

Bonus is when you do not receive any compensation in cash (CPA or operations volumes) but you receive something from FxRebate that you would't get if you had registered on your own (Software solutions (EAs), Educational and technical tools, Market Analysis, Educational materials, etc.).

Example: You can get for free for a certain period to try some of the software and tools developed and tested for many years by FxRebate partners.  

* All examples here are only for informational purposes and cannot be considered as offers.