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Private Deal

Private cashback deal for high operations users

FxRebate is all about offering you the highest rebates in the market. We take this very seriously, therefore we are willing to make exceptions regarding your cashback rate. We know there are people who make really high volumes in operations, making thousands of dollars of commissions in a month. These members usually don’t have time to promote FxRebate to their friends or get the advantages of our other promotions. So, to be more competitive for these members we offer a private cashback deal.

Negotiating a private cashback deal

Private cashback deals are available for all users who have high operations and make at least 5,000 USD cashback per month. After negotiating a private deal, we set your cashback rate at a fixed percent we both agree on.

By fixating your cashback rate at a certain percent, we prevent the future changes of your cashback rate. For example, if there is a month when you’re not really active, and you don’t do many operations, your cashback rate would still be unchanged at the end of the month, until the next one.