Exclusive Markets

FX Rebate Account Setup

If you didn`t use FxRebate referral links, to put your existing Exclusive Markets trading account under FxRebate partner group you need to send an email to support department of Exclusive Markets at support@exclusivemarkets.com and request the transferFind below a sample of the email. After that, please fill the form below with the requested information. You can also fill it later from your FxRebate client portal. We need this information in order to confirm your account has been assigned to our partner group, and also to add your rebates.

Dear Sir/ Madame,

Please place my trading account no.: ............... (put your trading account number with Exclusive Markets) under partner 12211204 - Financial Trading Art SRL.

Best Regards,
……………… (put your name)

*12211204 is FxRebate partner code with Exclusive Markets.


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